What We Sell

At Maxwell's Nursery we strive to carry a large and diverse selection of plants that will not only grow in our area but will also thrive here.


We carry literally dozens of varieties of perennials and annuals, including many familiar and old time favorites as well as new and unusual ones, so that any garden can have loads of beautiful flowers in bloom all season long.

We also sell many different types of vegetables, herbs, fruits and berries, as well as a selection of garden seeds for starting your own garden. Plus we have onion sets and seed potatoes, too.


In addition, we also carry many kinds of trees and shrubs, all of which are rated to grow in our climate zone. 

Color Bowls, Hanging Baskets, Flowering Pots, Hanging Flower Pouches are also available and come in many sizes to suit many different budgets. Plus we can do custom plantings as well.


Although we try our best to have plants in stock, not all plants are available all the time due to shortages from our suppliers, the time of year, adverse weather or we may just be sold out.



We carry a large selection of organic products including the following:

Gardner & Bloom
  • All Purpose Fertilizer
  • Tomato, Vegetable & Herb Fertilizer
  • Bat Guano
  • Blood Meal
  • Kelp Meal
  • Rose Fertilizer
  • Fruit Tree Fertilizer
  • Potting Soil
Gardner & Bloom products also contain beneficial soil microbes that actually "feed" your soil for healthier soil and therefore healthier plants. You will notice a difference in overall plant health, production and yields.

  • 3n1 Garden Spray
  • Neem Oil
  • BT Worm Killer

We have many more organic sprays and fertilizers not listed here as well.

Also, our Soil Products such as Gardner & Bloom Potting Soil, Gardner & Bloom Soil Conditioner, and more are all organic products, certified by OMRI, Organic Materials Review Institute and many of them contain soil microbes that help to "feed" your soil.

Fox Farm Soils We Sell:  Ocean Forest and Happy Frog.  (Pallet Pricing Negotiable)

Some Fox Farm fertilizers we carry include: Beasty Bloomz, Big Bloom, Cha Ching and more.

Earth Juice ph adjusters: Double Up, Double Down.

*Not all products are available at all times due to conditions and situations beyond our control.
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